Blind Drawings

“In Alex Frost’s drawings photographs are transcribed as a system of marks plotting areas of light and shadow recorded in the pixels of the image. A pattern of zeroes, dashes and crosses laid out on squared paper describe a cluster of flowers in bloom, a profile or the unique arrangement of features and details of clothing that forms a portrait. A series of self-portraits (Blind drawings 2006-7) are stippled by puncturing the paper with pinholes. Bronze, silver and gold paint is pressed into the back of the drawing so that the holes admit rich, metallic colour and Frost’s image appears to float to the surface of the paper. Eyes closed and head slightly turned or tilted away he seems intent on absence, a blank subject present as a gilded apparition, a relief, a death mask.”
From the essay ‘Nullius in Verba – The work of Alex Frost’, Michelle Cotton, 2008.