Wet Unboxings

Opening things underwater.

In Alex Frost’s ‘Wet Unboxing’ videos, time saving and energising ‘on-the-go’ products are unpacked underwater. These videos are made in response to the phenomena of unboxing videos which enact a vicarious consumption, allowing the consumer to get their ‘hit’ without having to own the product. To date Frost has circulated these videos through prosumer formats like YouTube and Instagram and they have since gone on to feature in the broader global network of online media with articles in The Guardian, Know Your Meme, Coeval Magazine, Mashable, Vice Motherboard. Circulating in this mediated way these videos echo the fluidity of the ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle of the products they feature. Just as the products are plucked from across food, drink and the medicine sections of the supermarket the videos themselves appear embedded in a spectrum of online media.

To date 48 ‘Wet Unboxing’ videos have been produced. Follow this link to the Wet Unboxing YouTube channel (4k versions are available on request):