FirstSite, Colchester
8th February – 19th April 2020.

Unboxing Alex Frost is an exhibition of videos and sculptures that reflect on the rapid, transient and fluid nature of life today, through a range of super-convenience or ‘on-the-go’ products. It includes videos from Frost’s ‘Wet Unboxing’ series, which for the first time are presented as immersive, large scale projections. Meals, snacks, protein shakes, vitamin tablets and energy drinks are submerged by the artist and unpacked underwater – to mesmerising effect.
The videos are accompanied by a series of wall-based sculptures made from foods that are part of the same on-the-go lifestyle, such as sandwiches and frozen pizzas.
Encased in resin, the works capture these functional, yet also strangely futuristic, foods, giving them a permanence that is contrary to their original purpose.