Wewerka Pavilion, M√ľnster
June/August 2013.

3 x chairs (sand, water and spray paint),
3 x chairs (biodegradable materials),
1 x table (biodegradable materials),
3 x clothed figures with small scale local sculptures as heads, feet and hands (mixed media),
3 x outdoor podiums (sand and water).

12. October, 2012.

Dear Georg,

Thank-you for showing me around M√ľnster and Dusseldorf. I‚Äôm so pleased to have made it back to M√ľnster. My previous visits to the city had been during the Sculpture Project but it was so good to see the city in more normal circumstances.
Thank-you too for the information about Stefan Wewerka‚Äôs pavilion. I didn‚Äôt know that it was first constructed in Kassel for Documenta 8 back in 1987. Knowing this I cannot help ‚Äėunpicking‚Äô the building – working out how it could‚Äôve been packed and reassembled in its current location.
I have to confess that I didn’t know much about Stefan Wewerka’s buildings, sculptures or furniture until I started investigating it. I’m now a fan. I like his mix of wit and elegance.
I’ve been given some photographs of the pavilion from when it was in Kassel. Some of these photos are of the first exhibition for Documenta 8. The photos came from Axel Bruchhäuser from the company Tecta in Lauenförde, where they have an earlier version of this pavilion.
As far as I can gather the first exhibition held in the M√ľnster pavilion was a collection of Stefan Wewerka‚Äôs eccentric chairs. For my exhibition at the Wewerka pavilion this summer I think I will try to recreate this first exhibition in Kassel. I have some figuring out to do as there are gaps in the documentation that I have been given.

I look forward to seeing you again in the summer.
Warm regards


N.B. A German translation of this letter was displayed within the exhibition.