Wet Unboxings
Opening things underwater 2018 – 2022.

Since 2018 Alex Frost has uploaded videos onto a range of social media channels (YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok). In these videos he unpacks ‘on-the-go’ products such as ready meals, snacks, protein shakes, vitamin tablets and energy drinks in a glass tank filled with water. These videos – like much of Frost’s sculptural work – capture the boundlessness of life today, one where a life ‘on-the-go’ blurs into a work ‘on-the-go’ and where free-time is priceless. These ‘Wet Unboxings’ went on to feature in 30+ articles online, were listed on the meme hall of fame Knowyourmeme.com and found their way onto Indonesian TV. A new series of 50+ Wet Unboxing videos were made in the USA thanks to the McKinney Art and Design Residency at Indiana University in 2022.

Follow this link to see the full video series online: Wet Unboxing YouTube channel

“Every once in a while, a phrase or image appears after hours of scrolling the internet that seems like it’s going to be something. A proto-meme—a precious, terrifying embryo—of the next new trend.”
Samantha Cole, August 22nd, 2018, Motherboard.

“The objects he ‘unboxes’ reflect a life of transience. Frost moved back to his home town of London four years ago, where, he says: “It feels as if every nanometre of space has been priced up and every second is rationed.” Time-limited, he relied on ready-made sandwiches, which feature heavily in this work. Even billowing clouds of dry shampoo reflect life on the go.”
Penny Anderson, September 10th, 2018, The Guardian.

“I am pleasantly horrified by these ‘wet unboxing’ videos.”
Chloe Bryan, September 25th, 2018, Mashable.

“Taken to extremes, unboxing can almost become an art form in itself; the artist Alex Frost recently went viral with his series of “wet unboxing” videos, where objects such as fruit salad, shampoo and sandwiches are opened underwater. The appeal may be difficult to pinpoint.”
Rhodri Marsden October 4, 2018, The National.

“If Internet users have found the videos disgusting, it is no less fascinating.”
Andy, August 25th, 2018, FredZone.

These Wet Unboxing videos are an affront to a dry God.”
Gabe Worgaftik, August 22nd, 2018, AV News.

Exhibition: Wet Unboxings
at Wells Projects, London
August 2019.